Velvetique is the epitome of luxury bespoke flower arrangements. Each handcrafted box offers a bed of real roses that will sustain their beauty and freshness for a year. These stunning crystal clear boxes can be given as a romantic gift, used as storage products on your vanity or as stylish home decor. We offer local delivery in the Los Angeles area. 

Handcrafted Luxury

25 Roses

Handcrafted Luxury

16 Roses

Product Care

Congratulations on receiving your Velvetique box.  No maintenance is required for these beauties.  Just love them and enjoy their eternal beauty. Please do not water your eternity roses.  Keep them out of direct sunlight and in a room temperature environment (60-70 degrees Fahrenheit).  You may leave the lid on the box or remove it but be gentle with the roses as they are delicate and may get crushed. Don't forget to tag and share your arrangement #velvetique #velvetiquela